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Supporting leaders and teams

in their next steps to ...

LEAD & Live 
On Purpose

Kristen Earp, LLC

Kristen Earp, LLC is a virtual woman-owned business that believes in creating conscious relationships and communities through integrity, fun, growth, and connection. We empower leaders and teams to grow from the inside out while creating harmony in life, career, and self-needs!


Through an explorative process, using emotional intelligence, relationship intelligence, mindfulness practices, and communication methods as foundational pillars for development…. Leaders and teams learn to LEAD & Live on Purpose:

  • Look Inward (Self Awareness)

  • Engage in Practice (Self-Management)

  • Activate Awareness (Social Awareness)

  • Do It Together! (Relationship Management)

In our collaborative partnership, leaders and teams deepen self-learning by examining their core values, their natural strengths, abilities that propel them forward powerfully as well as the mindsets and self-limiting beliefs that are consciously or unconsciously holding them back.  Together, we work on making shifts in mindsets and changing behavior to achieve the desired outcomes. 

Are you ready to take meaningful and effective action? 

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Kristen Earp, LLC leverages over 25 years of experience in training and development, mostly in virtual small businesses, to support leaders and teams to elevate their leadership and get better results with greater levels of confidence and ease.

We offer customized solutions based on your unique leadership challenges that may include: executive coaching, training development, workshops, group coaching, training programs, assessments, and more...


We focus on deepening the self-learning of current mindsets and behaviors that yield the current outcomes to see what alignment or shifts are needed to support values, needs, and wants creating the biggest alignment, changes, and effectiveness both professionally and personally.

We support you with the resources, practices, and tools to understand your inner complexity to meet the outer complexities of this ever-changing world!  


Check out just a few ways we support you with a personalized approach and to see what is possible!

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This is your invitation to
LEAD & Live on Purpose.

What leaders are saying...

I am truly grateful for the experience I had with Kristen as my Coach! Kristen helped me to dive deeper into my true passions and refine my values both personally and professionally.


Manufacturing Industry

Kristen’s coaching comes from a place of care and compassion. Her fun and approachable style really helps to open the dialogue and explore new and different paths. She absolutely supported me and challenged me to grow.

Healthcare Industry

With Kristen’s expertise, I discovered the confidence and tools to help make a meaningful change in my life, Thank You!!

Consumer Goods Industry

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