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Training is a great way to learn and expand your range of skills, abilities, and practices.  Training reinforces what you already know with practical and research-backed ways to be in relationships better with ourselves, our family and friends, in teams and various groups, and elsewhere.  We are always in a relationship with ourselves and others as we are never not in a system. 

Training Support

Image by Jason Goodman

What you will get...

  • Clarity on what you want and what is important to you in your professional and personal life having a greater sense of direction and focus.

  • Recognition of your natural preferences, strengths, and abilities as well as a deeper connection to YOUR Leader Within!

  • Increase your confidence and boost your resilience with strategies to navigate uncertainty.

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and mindsets that hold you back.

  • Create your leadership vision and bring it to life with focused goals and transparent actions.

  • Develop structures and accountability to help you take consistent action to take your desired next steps.

What leaders are saying...

I really appreciated Kristen's way of calling me out if she sensed I wasn't fully committed to something. She did it in a way that was gentle, but firm at the same time that really resonated with me. In the end, she helped me make a shift in my career that was in line with my long-term vision and I wouldn't have made that happen without her coaching. 


Information Technology  Industry

Kristen's coaching helped me feel at ease and confident in finding my self-worth in and outside of the workplace.

Manufacturing Industry

Kristen was phenomenal at asking the right questions, patient with me during the discovery process, and was able to help me gain clarity and identify the obstacle holding me back, set goals, and begin the process in working towards them. She uses a holistic approach, is extremely personable, and truly allows you to learn more about your entire self. 

Healthcare Industry

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