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If you have ever wondered...


"Why I am reacting this way?"

Or have thought... 

"This is not working! I know I need to change but I don't know how."

The Enneagram is a GREAT place to begin the journey of self-awareness and healing by accepting who you are and challenging yourself to live more purposefully.  This tool allows an in-depth look at core motivations and triggers that have helped to form your behaviors, your thought patterns, and the ways in which you are seeing or experiencing the world. 

With a deeper understanding of what truly (truly) motivates your behaviors and thoughts, you not only understand why you are doing what you are doing better but can choose and change beyond the default automatic responses or defense mechanisms.

The Enneagram

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“Discovering another person’s Enneagram type can be just as insightful and life-changing as discovering your own.”

~ Christina S. Wilcox

Aephoria Copyright 2011 - 2022

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Aephoria Copyright 2011 - 2022

I have supported individuals, as well as teams, develop using the Enneagram resulting in:


  • Enhances relationships with self and team members (especially in a virtual/hybrid environment) 

  • Increased self-awareness individually as well as what that looks like on a team 

  • An appreciation of the gifts and opportunities you bring from the lens you view the world

  • Bridging more effective ways to communicate, collaborate and create connections with increased empathy

If you want to explore what might be possible for you and/or your organization, let's chat! I would love to support you/your team in unlocking patterns of behaviors that get in the way of whom you want to be and where you want to go! 

Have questions? Want to chat?

What's being said...

Kristen Earp is awesome! She is great at getting me to the root cause of my issues and going one step deeper to help me understand what is going on and what I need to change or build on to be better.

Financial Industry

I was pleasantly surprised by how the session was run and it helped me gain insight into the team. My hope is that [Enneagram Work] is something that we can physically use to continue our growth together and further expand on our company's mission and values.

Healthcare Industry

Love the flow and communication strategies! Being able to compare and contrast with my teammates as well as analyze strengths and weaknesses.  This was really great! 

Non-Profit Industry

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