The Enneagram report and debrief is an in-depth look at core motivations and triggers to have helped to form your personality and way of being with the world.  With a deeper understanding, you can change your thought process and choose how to behave without relying on default behaviors, thought processes and defense mechanisms.

Working with the Enneagram through coaching enhances all the relationships in our lives (including the one with yourself).  With increased self-awareness, you can unlock the patterns of behaviors that get in the way of whom you want to be and where you want to go!

This coaching package includes:

  • The Enneagram Tool & Report

  • One 1-Hour Debrief Session

  • Two 45-Minutes Coaching Sessions

  • Consider areas of most importance to your growth (i.e. communication, conflict, growth/stress lines, coping styles, defense mechanisms, patterns, and more)

Enneagram Package

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“Discovering another person’s Enneagram type can be just as insightful and life-changing as discovering your own.”

~ Christina S. Wilcox

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What leaders are saying...

Kristen Earp is awesome! She is great at getting me to the root cause of my issues and going one step deeper to help me understand what is going on and what I need to change or build on to be better.

Financial Industry

Kristen has a gentle and professional approach to coaching. She is wise positive and dependable. I felt incredibly supported and championed in our coaching relationship. Kristen is honest and is up for any challenge!  


Kristen also has a deep toolkit that she brings to coaching sessions, which makes them not only productive but fun!

Information Technology Industry