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Myers-Briggs Type
Indicator (MBTI)

Curious about...


how you might enjoy relationships more as someone who prefers introversion? 

how you might more strategically and high level when you tend to get in the weeds (and like it there)?

how you could make decisions more with empathy but still maintain the high integrity of your logical and rational mind?


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can transform the way people work and live together! By increasing your understanding of your preferences to someone's preference, you can start to uncover and confront different biases that you might hold as well as be in more effective conversations with people who prefer different ways of doing work and life.  

Preference Pair Diagram_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 5.06.13 PM.png

In working with individuals, groups, and teams, the following starts to emerge:


  • Increased understanding and empathy for what different people need to recharge their batteries throughout the day

  • The ability to bridge the gap in relationships by understanding preferred ways of taking in information and making decisions.

  • Appreciation of the gifts and opportunities available when there are many different preferences in the room at work or in the family.

If you are interested in knowing what preferences are present or absent in your life and/or in your team, let's continue this conversation! I would love to support you in great self-awareness of how you/your team is operating and where it will support flexing into opposite approaches.    

Have questions & want to chat ...

What is being said...

Kristen has been amazing during this journey that I have been on. I feel like a different person as she has challenged me to get out of my comfort zone to get me to where I am today!

Healthcare Industry

Kristen is direct yet supportive and maximizes every session so it is full of value. I felt that our work together really helped me get back in touch with my inner wisdom so I could make some big life decisions from a connected place.


Kristen always knows how to get me where I need to be. Every single session flips a switch for me and unlocks new thoughts and potential!

Financial Industry

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