The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can transform the way people work and live together.  By understanding your preferred way of taking in information and making decisions as well as someone else’s, can bridge the unknown gap in relationships.

Working with MBTI allows us to see how we prefer to show up and where we are at our strongest while we honor the ability to flex into other ways that are more appropriate for different situations or honoring the differing gifts in others.  Coupled with coaching, we become self-aware of how we like to operate and where we might need to flex in our approaches. 

This coaching package includes:

  • The MBTI Personality Inventory & Report

  • One 1-Hour Debrief Session

  • Two 45-Minutes Coaching Sessions

  • Consider areas what your type preferences are that serve you well (are you honoring those?) and where you might want to flex out of preference for the sake of growth, development and learning. 

Myers-Briggs Type
Indicator (MBTI) Package

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What leaders are saying...

Kristen has been amazing during this journey that I have been on. I feel like a different person as she has challenged me to get out of my comfort zone to get me to where I am today!

Healthcare Industry

Kristen is direct yet supportive and maximizes every session so it is full of value. I felt that our work together really helped me get back in touch with my inner wisdom so I could make some big life decisions from a connected place.


Kristen always knows how to get me where I need to be. Every single session flips a switch for me and unlocks new thoughts and potential!

Financial Industry