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Meet Kristen

I believe in living life according to your core values and making intentional choices — not living life in auto-pilot mode!

The path you walk changes and grows as you do with experience and wisdom. Be present, show up and enjoy this ONE life you have. Starting with your leader within is the best place to start!

I am a certified coach (CPCC & PCC), a seasoned consultant and trainer, and a mother of two! I have worked in various industries while juggling family and all that comes my way.

My 20+ year career is supported by a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology as well as certifications in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence, and Enneagram.


I love supporting leaders and teams to gain clarity about their core values and guiding principles; to better understand the perspective or lens they are looking at life through, and to further their action of personal and professional growth/learning!

I aspire to expand confidence in each person I support, to increase their authentic leadership style, and to encourage/practice making intentional choices to lead and live on purpose.  While this is not always easy (I don't promise easy or comfort) it can be transformative and life-changing as intentions match impact!  

What leaders are saying...

My coaching sessions have been trans-formative and have helped me to recognize that I’m in control of my time and that my time is valuable. Also, she has been great in giving me the courage to take chances and stand up for myself. 


Consumer Goods Industry

Thanks to Kristen I understand that I find the solutions to my and my teams’ problems within myself. It is up to me to empower and inspire the team but the key to that is self-compassion on my part.

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Kristen did some serious digging with me and really helped me uncover where my values and passions lie. I did not realize I could have it all. She asked me questions that I never even considered and shined a light on areas that were raw and real.


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