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You are a leader and have been one for some time now. You lack the confidence or trust to leader from your authentic leadership style. You wants to support your team through empowerment and delegation rather than taking on all the work. You struggle to be as effective as you want to be (both as work and home) looking for the time and energy to consider your own needs too.

Experienced Leaders

Image by Anete Lūsiņa

What you will get...

  • Assess your level of satisfaction, fulfillment, and effectiveness across the different areas of your life.

  • Discover or reconnect with your purpose and passion as the drivers for your next steps.

  • Develop routines and habits that keep you moving towards your goals with confidence and empowerment.

  • Achieve better stability by creating boundaries that give you back control of your life.

  • Develop structures and accountability to help you take consistent action in the alignment of your values, family career and community.

What leaders are saying...

Kristen's coaching skills were amazing. She asks all the right questions to get you thinking and on the right path, but still allows you to create your own platform and mindset. I am very grateful for her expertise and encouragement.


Non-Profit Organization

I have only worked with Kristen a short amount of time but it has been an incredibly eye-opening experience.

Non-Profit Organizaiton

After our three-month engagement, I now have a deeper understanding of my purpose in life, a direct line to my inner voice that I check in on frequently, and better relationships with my family.

Information Technology Industry

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